It has been my honor to serve as the Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney for the past twelve years.


The office continues to work towards improving the level of our citizens’ safety and quality of life. We bring the guilty to justice, ensure Constitutional protections are preserved and liberties maintained.


I’m raising my children here in Loudoun, and as a husband, father and the Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney, I work hard so our community continues to be a much, much safer place than it was a little over a decade ago.


Prior to my taking office in 2004, Loudoun County prosecutors dropped more felony cases, plea bargained more felony cases and tried fewer criminal cases than most jurisdictions in the state of Virginia. Plea deals were routine. Many of those same plea deals were too lenient - and taking into account the nature of the crimes - unacceptable. The office was inefficiently and ineffectively managed with both personnel and overall expenditures.


Twelve years later, all of that has changed – and unquestionably for the better.


No longer do criminals have a good shot at a plea deal behind closed doors. More criminal cases are brought before the Loudoun County Circuit Court and presented to juries than ever before. These juries are comprised of members of our very own community, and trying these cases in open court guarantees that the voices of our citizens are heard.


Since 2004 I have worked hard to completely restructure the Office, eliminating unnecessary positions and wasteful practices.


The experience level of the prosecutors that fight for you, our citizens, is now impressive.  In 2003, the attorneys in the Office had a mere combined 61 years of prosecution experience; today, that figure is in excess of 160 years. The number of seasoned and experienced attorneys I’ve brought into the office has resulted in better service to witnesses and victims.


And creating a good working environment attracts more experienced prosecutors—that are willing to stay. More offenders are being held accountable for their crimes—and off the streets of Loudoun County.


I have helped to establish effective initiatives that address some of the toughest issues within our community: gang violence, domestic violence, child abuse and crimes against the elderly. My office has also introduced initiatives in support of local businesses.


The Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office believes responsible spending must be a priority. We continue to work hand-in-hand with other agencies to generate new sources of revenue for Loudoun. We are proud we have accomplished these goals together – and at the same time reduced our operating budget to a lower level than when I took office 12 years ago.


Also, unlike many agencies, we’ve been able to do more with existing resources; by example, over the past 12 years, staffing has increased from 32 to 33, an annual growth rate of less than a quarter of a percent.


We have come a long way in just twelve years – a long, long, way – and we’re not done yet. I would be grateful to have your support this November and to continue to serve the people of our community.


Together we will continue to keep Loudoun County one of the safest places to live in Virginia, for my family and yours.

Dear Friends,
Jim Plowman

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