The Cavalieri Case


In Spring 2009, Stacie Lynn Harper was attacked and murdered by live-in boyfriend David Cavalieri. After allegedly feeling no pulse, Cavalieri took a length of twine, wrapped it around Harper and strangled her again. Her body was wrapped in layers of plastic and stored under her son’s bed. To cover his crime and create the illusion that Harper was still alive, he e-mailed family, friends and co-workers pretending to be Harper.


Two weeks passed since murdering Harper before Cavalieri called 9-1-1 after allegedly attempting to commit suicide. Emergency personnel contacted police after observing a suspicious object from under the bed.


Cavalieri was arrested and charged with First Degree Murder. He faced the Loudoun Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office and a jury of his peers. Found guilty, Loudoun County Circuit Court Judge James Chamblin followed the will of the jury and sentenced Cavalieri to Life in prison.


Although the defendant took the witness stand and claimed remorse and regret, evidence presented during the trial proved otherwise. Only hours after killing Stacie Lynn Harper, according to the evidence presented at trial, Cavalieri began soliciting sex on-line.