The Dong Case


The Dong case was one of the most perplexing and callous murder cases tried by Commonwealth’s Attorney Jim Plowman. Mother and daughter Phuong Kim Thi Dong and Julie Thi Dong were convicted of murdering their mother and grandmother, Hahn Hoang.


After covering her head with a pillowcase, Julie and Kim (Phuong) stabbed Hahn Hoang in the neck and abdomen with a knife in their Leesburg home. The two then fled cross-country in a car, discovered in New Mexico days later.


The morning after her murder, Hoang’s son found his mother and called police.


The use of the family car was identified as the central motive of the murder.


The case quickly became complicated. After capture, both Julie and Kim Dong’s mental health quickly declined. With that came deviant behaviors, mental health assessments, motions and transfers, and a mother and daughter pitted against each other in the courtroom.


The case successfully concluded with two murder convictions.