Office Initiaties

Responsible Government:


During Jim’s terms, office operations have been streamlined and unnecessary positions eliminated. While Loudoun County grew more than 36 percent, office staff increased only 3 percent and the operating budget is currently at a lower level than it was when Jim took office 12 years ago. Loudoun was the first Virginia office to contract with the local Treasurer to collect delinquent court fines, generating more than $200,000 in new annual revenue to Loudoun County. Jim’s effective management has retained experienced prosecutors, resulting in over twice the number of years in prosecution experience that existed previously.


Providing a Statewide Voice for Loudoun:


Jim’s role as Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney spans from strong relationships with local residents and community leaders to ensure Loudoun County has a strong voice on the state level.


Jim is proud to serve in a leadership role on numerous boards and associations. He has enjoyed teaching at a variety of academies and institutions and has regular speaking engagements at local schools and businesses. Highlights include serving on the Virginia State Crime Commission, as President of the Virginia’s Association of Local Elected Constitutional Officers and on the Board of Directors for the Virginia Association of Commonwealth’s Attorneys.  Jim has enjoyed serving as the regular monthly speaker for the Juvenile Court Driver’s License Ceremony.


Jim is a regular presence in Richmond during the General Assembly session working with state legislators in advocating and drafting effective crime legislation.


Protecting Senior Citizens:


TRIAD is an initiative established by the Virginia Attorney General’s Office to improve the safety and quality of life for Senior Citizens through education and awareness.


In June 2004, Jim signed the first TRIAD Cooperative Agreement with local law enforcement agencies in Loudoun County. At the time, Loudoun County was the largest Virginia jurisdiction without a TRIAD Agreement. In 2009, Jim was honored by TRIAD with a Senior Safety Award.


Jim has also served as a guest speaker at the monthly meeting of the Elder Care Education Council.




Addressing Child Abuse:


In 2008, Jim played a significant role in establishing the first Child Advocacy Center (CAC) in Loudoun County. The CAC provides a safe, child-friendly environment for children interviewed by law enforcement and Child Protective Services who have been exposed to sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking. Since implementation, over 300 children have benefited from the CAC.


Combating Domestic Violence:


As a member of Loudoun’s Domestic Violence Steering Committee, Jim has contributed to streamlining access to the court system and providing community assistance for victims of abuse. Jim’s efforts include assigning specialized prosecutors to domestic violence cases. These prosecutors play an integral role in Loudoun County’s first Domestic Abuse Response team (DART). DART has dramatically reduced the number of offenders on probation who were previously unsupervised. In 2009, DART was recognized by Virginia’s Attorney General as a statewide model.


Check Enforcement Program:


In 2006, Jim implemented Loudoun’s first Check Enforcement Program to better address the needs of local businesses. The Check Enforcement Program is a pre-trial diversion program to educate offenders who pass bad checks that might otherwise be reported as crimes. The program ensures full restitution for victims. In its sixth year, more than $200,000 has been recovered. The program is funded by offenders, not taxpayers, and generates a small revenue stream for the County.


Illegal Immigration:


While illegal immigration enforcement is the obligation of the Federal Government, it impacts local courts and area law enforcement. Loudoun’s Commonwealth’s Attorney office does not have the ability to deport illegal immigrants, but is often an initial point for identification of criminal illegal immigrants.


Fighting Gangs:


Since 2004, Jim has partnered with fellow prosecutors and the United States Attorney’s Office to address gangs from a regional perspective. They collectively secured a Governor’s Grant to provide for Loudoun’s first dedicated Gang Prosecutor. The Gang Prosecutor works side-by-side with Gang Investigators, the Northern Virginia Regional Gang Task Force and local prosecutors offices to coordinate efforts and maximize accountability.